TMG Pits Fridge 36 Off-road Pack
TMG Pits Fridge 36 Off-road Pack
TMG Pits Fridge 36 Off-road Pack
TMG Pits Fridge 36 Off-road Pack
TMG Pits Fridge 36 Off-road Pack

TMG Pits Fridge 36 Off-road Pack

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Available in the UK for immediate shipping - TMG Pits Fridge 36 on the Off-Road PacK

The Ultimate Off-Road Smoking Experience

Introducing the TMG Pits Fridge 36 on the Off-Road Pack. A robust smoker designed for the hobbyist and experienced pit master who refuse to compromise on flavor, no matter where the journey leads. Engineered by TMG Pits in Tennessee, this versatile smoker combines premium craftsmanship with unparalleled mobility for exceptional performance in any terrain.

Why Choose the TMG Pits Fridge 36 on the Off-Road Pack?

Superior Portability
Built with heavy-duty off-road wheels and tyres on a durable frame, the Fridge 36 effortlessly navigates rough terrains, making it perfect for pop ups, catering events or even just wheeling it around the garden. It floats over gravel, mud and grass and is easily pulled around on the flat by one persons. Can be loaded into a trailer to take to events and easily loaded and unloaded.

Outstanding Smoking Performance
Ample Cooking Space. The Fridge 36 offers 1,400 square inches of cooking area, providing ample space to smoke a variety of foods, from briskets to Pork Butts and Sausages. Even vegetables if that’s your thing!

Precision Control
Adjustable dampers and a built-in thermometer allow for meticulous temperature management, ensuring consistent and delicious results every time.

Built for Durability
Crafted from high-quality steel with a weather-resistant finish, the Fridge 36 is built to withstand harsh conditions and heavy use. The smokers come with clear coat, to keep the appearance of your smoker like new we recommend regularly coating with mineral oil.

Robust Off-Road Frame
Reinforced for stability and resilience, ensuring that your smoker remains steady and performs reliably even on uneven ground.


Lightweight Doors
If you’re tired of the workout each time you open the smoker door, you’re going to love the doors on the Fridge. Lift open the low resistance handle and swing open the door. Its bar far the nicest door arrangement on any smoker I’ve seen.

Complete 1/4” steel construction

Removable Reverse Flow Plates

Paper Towel Holder

Stainless Steel Table

Built in ash clean out


Fridge 36:

Overall - 76” x 32” x 76”

Cook chamber - 36” x 24”

Firebox- 23” x 23” x 22”

Grates - 32.5” x 22” and 37” x 18”

Heres a quick video of two previously imported - Fridge 36